Bitcoin Surfing

Bitcoin Faucets will pay you small parts of a bitcoin for filling in a Capture screen or answering a simple question . You can repeat this at varying time delays. Sites vary from 5 mins to one hour. There are less scam sites operating as Faucets. And below here are some that I use everyday and they have never missed paying me.
Bonus Bitcoin  can be claimed from when you are over the minimum claim amount of 0.00010000

Glossary of Bitcoin Terms

Moonbit is one of the most established faucets. You get a 1% bonus on each claim for every day that you use the faucet. Miss one day and you are back to zero. You can build up to 100% extra payout.
MoonLite pays out in Litecoin which can be transfered easily to bitcoin. The payout level is not as good but again you can build up to 100% bonus.
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